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Come out and support the Slow Food Nations Festival Sustainability team. Selects shifts that work for your needs and schedule here. Your support keeps the festival green and clean!

Festivals generate a lot of waste and Slow Food aims to change that at Slow Food Nations. We will work with local partners to reduce waste by using compostable and recyclable supplies, capturing waste in three-bin waste systems, transporting waste to proper recycling and composting facilities, implementing onsite water stations (and saying ‘no’ to bottled water), and rescuing food waste during the festival.

Slow Food USA and Slow Food Nations are committed to reducing the environmental impacts of the Festival and supporting the initiatives of our host city of Denver, our merchants, sponsors, vendors, and attendees.

Volunteer with Slow Food USA

Volunteer with SlowFood Nations Sustainability Team

July 20th - 21st, 2019
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